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Our archery range in Martinsville, IN offers a wide variety of quality services to better your game and the ability to talk to knowledgeable people about archery. The Barn Archery Pro Shop first opened its doors in Spencer in late August of 2008, and its newest location in Martinsville in late November 2015. With our knowledgeable staff, our growing inventory, and our full time bow mechanic on board, we are ready to accommodate all or your bowhunting and/or target archery needs. The Barn Archery Pro Shop was designed by archers for archers. The owners and staff members are both avid bow hunters and competitive target archers. They are dedicated to answering your questions and assisting you with all of your archery needs.

A pro shop by definition is a place you can go to talk to knowledgeable people or to purchase quality equipment and have it repaired. At The Barn Archery Pro Shop that is exactly what you will get. We offer a wide range of quality services as well as award winning bows and accessories to suit your needs. Whatever your archery needs are, we have got you covered.

Archery equipment has changed a lot over the years to become faster and more accurate. Like any other sport, in order to achieve your best performance, your equipment has to fit you properly. Our staff takes pride in getting you set up correctly so you can do your best.

We start by asking what type of equipment you want, what you want to accomplish and your price range. From there we measure your draw length to make sure that we set you up with a bow that is best suited for you and the poundage you want to pull. Our goal is to make the bow fit you perfectly.

Once we have chosen a bow that fits you properly, we will suit you up with the correct arrows. We want to make sure your arrows will allow you to reach your bow's full potential.

Our company is more than willing to discuss the benefits and/or negatives of your equipment as well as the newer items on the market, but we do realize that not everyone is on the market to buy new bow accessories.

For more information, visit our shop for everything archery. We will be more than happy to serve you. The Barn Archery Pro Shop in Martinsville, IN offers the best archery classes in the area!

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